Onwards and Upwards

This year began on a low. Alone in the house with pregnancy blues taking over, I can’t think of a more reprehensible way to begin a year, or a decade for those who withstand living in the moment. This year, I spent the first half surviving pregnancy and the other half surviving everything else amidst … Continue reading Onwards and Upwards

Aw-Shucks, I‘m Pregnant!

My vacation in Mombasa is cut short by the realization that my periods have taken unusually longer to come. As I try contemplating, I feel my ovaries announce their betrayal through my blood as it flows cold in my veins. I take the test and as I await the results, I say a prayer, which … Continue reading Aw-Shucks, I‘m Pregnant!

Who Hurt us?

It’s not often I get pissed on a Sunday morning. Sundays are usually tranquil. The parking fuller, more people behind closed doors and a clash of music between neighbors playing Gospel, Rhumba and God knows what genre these kids have going on these days. And funny enough, in the midst of that hoo-ha, serenity lies … Continue reading Who Hurt us?